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Why use textAnglr for insights in your customer data?

  • Analyse large amounts of textual feedback in seconds

  • Easy to use - no technical expertise required

  • Tailored for NPS, CSAT & social media textdata

  • Multi-language support

  • Zero configuration - start immediately

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What can textAnglr do for you?

The textAnglr platform lets you analyse large sets of customer feedback to get the most valuable insights for your company. You can use it for a quick scan or a deep dive on what your customers say. You can see below how textAnglr reveals the most relevant results from your market data (e.g. NPS/CSAT surveys) and how you can take the right action.


The software analyses your large sets (+5000) of text data quickly after it is uploaded to the textAnglr platform.


The textAnglr platform groups and visualizes the most important subjects of your textual data using graphs.


Reveal unexpected trends in your customer feedback by exploring the statistics and uncover new insights.


Recognize the customer needs and prioritise your actions. Act upon the needs of your customer, not on assumptions.

When to use textAnglr?

When your customers are trying to tell you something but there's just too much data to look at:

  • Your NPS survey has 10.000 responses with open text answers

  • Thousands of people are posting about your company on social media

  • Your inboxes are overflowing with the emails you get each week

The textAnglr platform allows you to reveal the most valuable insights and quickly act upon them.


"Anglr brings real tangible structure in our customer data without compromising on insights"

-- Luc Itterbeke - Head of Customer Intelligence at ING

How can we help you?

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